The Waiting Room

from by The Evenfall




Times like these, can change
The slightliest thing can make too much,
And the clock’s still ticking,
And I’m surrounded in its dizziness,
The one that’s drifting in my mind.

From one to three starts the frenzy,
Clouds continue getting empty,
Guided by a single burden growing, older, bigger and Strong.
Though it feels good, it seems good,
It claims to be right,
But why is it fading?

“Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts
Not a single one I could embrace”

“This leads to nowhere and I just
Keep running in circles.”

Just want to shut down, it burns like hell’s fire.
Then everything will turn out fine, right?

Something holds my love and
what scares me the most is that
I truly believe this might be my only chance.

Do you know that feel? The void of self awareness
Embeautied in its most pure form.

Embrace your soul instead.
Did you consider the Human Condition, the Human Trinity?
Mind, body and Soul…

You cannot exist without any of them,
You are FIRE! And you are consuming.
Feel, touch, breathe, run, love, swim,
Climb, laugh, cry, feed your elements.

Take control if you want to burn like a thousand suns,
This is your only chance!

I’m not going to put up with this!
You’ve got a whole world
Right in front of you!

All those things you can do are just
there waiting for you to take control.

Did you think this might’ve been
Your only chance?

And yet you seem unable to grasp this freedom
That’s right in your eyes.

Keep me in this world,
Spinning no control,
Shadows on my soul I will destroy them all
You can’t expect silent prayers,
Reaching in and out

Lost in this place
Carried away,
No destination for my own.
I’m stripped away outside this world.
A faithless ride

“Hello, hi, how are you? Fine, okay? It’s time to unveil this lies.
Stop pretending, we need to be ourselves.
Shut up and listen for once, you know.”

I’m sick of chasing thoughts again
In every way, a new life it’s found
It’s time to move on…

Long ago, I’ve heard about this place,
Somewhere I used to go to find myself,
To breathe and die again

But now I can’t remember who I was,
Just in time to know for sure
Not always you can’t stop.

Outside this room
You cannot hide
Your deepest nightmares will arise
An Inner Fall to claim for every night.

No need to hide (I need to try)
Just one more time (No matter why)
So follow my strength
I need to believe (In something)
And nothing seems right.

No! I can’t pretend no more!
I can’t pull through this again!
In this Waiting Room
Ripples fading, scenes erased.


from The Waiting Room, released January 8, 2015
Lyrics and music by Gonzalo Quintela



all rights reserved


The Evenfall Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Evenfall is a progressive rock/metal band from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Influences: Spock's Beard, Enchant, Opeth, Wolverine, Riverside, Genesis.

Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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